رسم البورتريه بألوان الاكريليك ج1 – Acrylic Portrait

Welcome to my channel we’ll start with tools Water cup
– This cup is only for painting – Then choosing a model An easy model face without much accessories & complected hairstyle Without a crowded background On having a lot of cloths details I think this one is simple Today’s tools were cheap I bought them new I used 2 – 8 – 12 brushes sizes Thin at the end and thick at the bottom .. with a very soft Bristles I use soft bristles brushes for watercolors&Acrylic As well Rough but only to create certain effect or brush stock And I used a wide brush for background for the sketch a regular HB pencil &pen eraser I shall wet the new brushes To remove the glue that set at the Manufacturing level This is really important before start painting I take off excess water as you see I used for this paint my regular Acrylic’s tube I talked about in a previous video about the Canvas This time I used kid’s canvases But it’s good for practicing and for mini paintings I advise with it it’s handy
search in local shops you may find some It comes in 3 set of canvases Today I will use one of them Now you should meditate !
at your model to catch details So you can paint the features as you see them.. Begging with a sketch rough sketch I did a video in Manga art lessons about this in details I explained how to paint a face/head in different angles You can check the video later I use the same principles of Manga in human portrait head or face.. You don’t have to make it 100% accurate Only main facial features causes eventually It will be covered with paint Time for a break! As always I use a plate to mix colors wrapped with thin nylon layer Titanium white for the base And Apple green It’s a very light green You can use any green you have, or even blue I will not use a lot of colors only afew Look well at your model determine the light’s direction So you can decide the shadow also at the background I wet the canvas slightly before Just a little wet I will spread the white Then add the color, mix it on your plate or on the canvas there is two ways And you should try them both to know the difference They create different effect I will add the green ( same apple green ) I will focus At the shadow behind the girl’s head at the left to you So many accelerated steps it took me around one hour and a half I divided this video for two The other video show the details and final steps I added orange Diagonal to the paint I will merge it with the background slightly The canvas is wet and that will help in merging colors easily No need to add colors to the brush just go with it, it all will mix about skin tunes It’s easy to achieve Sometimes it comes in a tube Or you have to mix it by yourself This orange stork at the face is useless it’s ok! I will cover it with other colors to create skin tune start with white a few from the orange and a very tiny of red This will make a dark tune of the flesh It’s basic to built at it You can add brown for brown skin colors add a few of the brown to get a darker tune Unfortunately it was out of focus ! You focus I’m just spreading the base of the skin color I will not add highlight yet Just a base It’s important to get the base You can see a general distribution .. and covering for the faces areas Now I will add a little white on the same base color And it’s a light tune Now adding highlights the right side mainly the left is a shadow area look closely at the model and the paint for ex. under the eyebrows always shadow because it’s inside the face under the nick there is a shadow the left ( to you)cheek is half shadow all left is shadow all right is light This is not a final look you build layers at the moment I prefer this way rather than drawing a full detailed face and color it like children’s coloring books avoid that! learn how to build layers I’m reaching the facial features more and more This is more as a pro It’s a bit hard But need some exercise it’s very interesting with time you will gain experience and just get to know by default the light/shade areas and to mix i will still get back for the darker tune and do it over the shades again a thin layers The brush is partially wet once I soak it in water I get ride of excess water gently as I showed you before and then I add the color and try the color at the side of the plate to make sure it’s what I want before adding it on your canvas to avoid mistakes Like when you paint with a dark tune on a light area by mistake it will be a little hard to undo that and cover it Specially when it’s wet under your stroke it will merge directly you should be careful Acrylic is in the middle between Oil colors and watercolors. Wither you had experience in any of them you will find it easy to learn Acrylic If it’s your first time, you need a lot to get used to it everything I do now isn’t final layer over layer on wet canvas It will dry partially while painting so it will become harder to merge colors on canvas And I avoid having water on the brush when I don;t want to mix The more i reach facial features The less wet brush I use and what beneath is more to dry .. …than wet at this level you can take a break and let it dry if you don’t want to mix anymore I will add a base color for the hair area similar to the skin layers idea In acrylic you need a lot of layers from the same colors to get the saturation of the color also it get a little darker when dried I had to do highlights over and over to achieve it Now I add shadows The thin brush (1 or 2 ) almost the same in my case and I’m still building layers this is similar to Sculpture art reaching features .. .. step by step Now as long as I’m using the thin brush and it has been a time passed it’s dry .. or partially dry, you can feel it’s a little moisturized.. colors are still so when I want to mix colors at this circumstances I shall add water to the colors, as you will see later It was so fun to work on this one If it your first time it may look hard with practice things will be easy and enjoyable I’m trying not to leave sharp edges And because the colors on the canvas are almost dried … I try to add a mid tune between the shape edges in a very thin layers Notice that I didn’t draw the eyes I didn’t leave it white as well because I need to achive a better tune graduating and mixing in the eye socket area Sometimes I get ride of excess water on my finger or by the side of the drawing place Or on a side sponge Back to mixing THis is a common thing in oil painting but never the watercolors Look at white spots I used a wet clean brush to distribute the color from the first spot This look is so good if you achieve it The most important step for the details I will not use the black color.. ..a dark brown color instead with light brown check the 2nd part of this video I uploaded them one after another So there will be no gape if you already started to work on your paint it was impossible to skip any step I want you to see full steps so you should have patience check the model’s photo a lot while painting to catch details as much as you can as an artist’s eyes I love working on the details it’s very enjoying But need a lot of steps behind.. ..to reach this level where I can add bold dark lines with a trust it may scares you if it’s your first time but it’s why I graduate with tunes, much easier to avoid mistakes layer over layer … now I’m adding dark tune for the hair as the hair’s background the previous color was a base to let this one appear Acrylic has a transparency Like watercolors so it’s why you add layers to get the saturation of the color right back to shadows.. whenever I use a color I distribute it among the paint rather than wash it off the brush CHECKTHIS The brush had a lot of water that drop off to the paint How I got ride of it? By using a clean dry brush it will absorbs the drop I still mix and distribute You don’t have to copy paste what I do now, just let it to your sight and sense of colors How you see it after all comparing to the original photo of the model Now see the moth.. There are a lot of details for the mouth alone! I’m getting closer to the facial features of the model so far Time to finish the 1st part of the video watch the 2nd part for the details Like for the video if you really like it! and subscribe if you aren’t for more art videos Now for the 2nd part!!!

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  1. والله زمان بننتظرك أختي ليلى
    لو سمحتي بدي أسألك
    الغطايات تبعت علب السبري الرش لرسم الجرافيتي
    في نوعيات منها بترش بقطر صغير؟
    يعني زي الاير برش
    ووين ببيعوها
    وشو بتفضلي نوعية علب الرش المناسبة للرسم

  2. واااو ذي البنت الي رسمتيها انا كمان عندي صور لها 😂 ههههه
    اش ذي الصدفة الحلوة 😄
    و الرسمة جميلة 😍

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