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Morgan ("real" name and last name Heikki Juhani Hämäläinen), born in Pälkäne, Finland (*December 1963), is an outsider artist, a gardener and a peculiar thinker from Sysmä

In addition to some own and joined exhibitions his multiformed works made of various materials  have been seen for many seasons at art institution Haihatus  (click the link).

Morgan's original art works all kinds of materials (wood, masses, recycled stuff etc.) by operation of eye, hand and brain up to sculpture, paintings, handicraft or something else. Styles and technics vary a lot, and their origin lies rather in experimenthing than in imitating.

Morgan and his sidepersons also give performances, unfortunately only in Finnish.

Morgan is an author and a poet, too: Ihmisen osa eli "Enhän minä tunne koko ihmistä (aforisms, Haihatus 11/2008); Riimileikkiä - limerikkirunoja Suomesta (Finnish limericks, Haihatus 3/2009); Kyytipoika (scifi novel, Nordbooks 5/2009). His books are only available in Finnish for now.

Art without doubt.